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Tomcat and JServ

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1: What is Tomcat

As you know, JSP and Servlet plays the role of the user interface of J2EE applications. I'm sure that the serious system developers in the world are desire for the cool servlet server. And now, Tomcat is available.
Tomcat3.1 is the implementation of JavaServerPages1.1 and Servlet2.2 specification and developed and maintained by the Jakarta Project.

2: What is JServ

The Jakarta Project is managed by the Apache Software Foundation, which is very famous for its http server. The Apache Software Foundation also produces another cool project, the Apache JServ project, whose purpose is to enables us to use the servlet engine from Apache http server. The "JServ", which is the product from the Apache JServ project, consists of the JServ module installed in the Apache http server and its sophisticated servlet engine. With the JServ module installed, the Apache http server redirects some of the http request to the JServ servlet engine. This means our servlets can be invoked through the Apache http server. This is cool, isn't it?

3: And we can do it!

But how wonderful if the Apache http server redirects them to the Tomcat servlet engine! Through the Apache httpd server, Tomcat can

And now you can do it. The source distribution of Tomcat3.1 includes the source of the JServ module, which works well with Tomcat3.1.

4: About this document

This documentation describes how to compile the above classes and the required configuarion for JServ and Tomcat3.1.

  1. Compile and Install
  2. Configuration overview
  3. httpd.conf
  4. jserv.conf(or tomcat.conf)
  6. server.xml
  7. web.xml for each context
  8. FAQ and Trouble Shooting

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