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OOP Pop3Receiver API: How to receive e-mails from POP3 server / How to upload files by e-mail from WAP phone (mobile phone)

This Java API receives the e-mail from POP3 server and extract the text body along with the file attachment. Your JSP/Servlet can accept the file upload by the e-mails.

Putting it all togather : OOP Bento framework

This Java API is now a part of OOP Bento framework. In this MVC framework by XML, you can write all the GUIs in the web application in the normal HTML, XHTML, WML, HDML or any other mark-up languages. And you no longer need to bother about the user authentication and the session tracking. Because its full working source code example will be the good starting point of this Java API, please also visit the web site of Bento framework.

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How to receive e-mails from POP3 servers...

As you know, e-mails can act as the user interface between your JSP/Servlet and the users. The simplest example is so called Auto Responder, i.e. when the user sends the e-mail to you, Auto Responder automatically sends the reply e-mail. Like this, you may want to make your JSP/Servlet ready for the e-mails from the users. By the help of this Java API, a few lines of code are enough for such a functionality.

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How to upload files by e-mail from WAP phone (mobile phone)...

While the typical web browsers can upload the files through multipart/form-data, the WAP browsers on the mobile phone are not ready for the CGI FORM with multipart/form-data. This is because there is not local file system on the mobile phone. But, in these days, a large number of the mobile phones are shipped with the digital cameras, i.e. the users can take the pictures by their mobile phones and send them to their friends by the e-mails. By the help of this Java API, your JSP/Servlet can accept the file upload by the e-mail, even from the WAP phone.

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About this Java API...

This API runs the background Thread, which connects to the series of POP3 servers at the specified time interval. For each incoming e-mail, the background Thread calls:

  • MailReceiver.received(ReceivedMail)

MailReceiver is just the interface and all you need is to implement it. Your implementation can access ReceivedMail, which represents each incoming e-mail from the POP3 server. ReceivedMail has many useful methods and your implementation can get the text body, FROM address and even the file attachment.

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FREE source code example...

Seeing is believing! We are running the very simple example on our web site. Please try:

Then, download and explore its source code.

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This API is now a part of Bento framework. There are the better documentations and source code examples on the web site for Bento framework. There, you will also find the link to download the entire framework or each API in it.

All the APIs for Servlet/JSP introduced by this web site are now included in Bento framework:
  • Simpler than JSTL or Apache Struts
  • MVC framework by HTML
  • Input validation from CGI FORM
  • Easy user authentication
  • Easy localization (L10n)
To download the APIs and source code examples, please visit the web site of Bento framework.

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