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OOP-Research has developed Java API for JSP, Servlet, EJB, XML, JDBC, JavaMail and Swing GUI. In addition, worth reading articles for Apache Tomcat, JSP, Servlet, EJB, JDBC, JavaMail and Swing GUI are available on our web site.

To improve the quality of our products and articles, we need your voice. Please let us know your opinion. This page lists the contact information to OOP-Research.

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All the stuffs of OOP-Research are the enthusiastic engineers. Everyday, we receive many e-mails related with our products and articles. And, based on these feed-back, we continue to update our products and articles. When you have any questions, requests or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us. The more you talk, the more you get!

E-mail: General Contact info@oop-research.com
Techincal Request tech@oop-research.com
Address: 2-24-7 Shinsenri-Kitamachi, Toyonaka
Osaka 560-0081, Japan
TEL: 81-6-6873-7010
FAX: 81-6-6873-7010

All the APIs for Servlet/JSP introduced by this web site are now included in Bento framework:
  • Simpler than JSTL or Apache Struts
  • MVC framework by HTML
  • Input validation from CGI FORM
  • Easy user authentication
  • Easy localization (L10n)
To download the APIs and source code examples, please visit the web site of Bento framework.

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