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Java RMI example chat with Java Swing GUI / Apache Tomcat and JServ

Example of Java RMI chat with Java Swing GUI, How to set up Apache and Tomcat 3.1 Beta by JServ. This page lists somewhat out of date articles and examples. The example of Java RMI chat with Java Swing GUI will show you the possibility of Java RMI and Java Swing GUI.

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PRODUCT:Do you search Java RMI ?

If you reached this site as the reslut of search for Java RMI, sorry for your inconvenience. The main subject of this site was Java RMI, and now it is J2EE. (Note that J2EE fully depends on Java RMI.)
I removed all the Java RMI related documentation, because they are somewhat out of date. But you can download my example program based on RMI. This client-server chat system was developed on JDK1.1.x with the Swing extention package. (At that time, Swing was the optional package.) To run this example, slight modification will be required. But it will help you to grasp the possibility of Java programming, specifically Java RMI and Java Swing GUI.

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DOC:Setting up Tomcat3.1Beta with JServ

This document describes about setting up Tomcat3.1Beta with JServ. Patch for Tomcat3.1Beta is also available in this page.

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All the APIs for Servlet/JSP introduced by this web site are now included in Bento framework:
  • Simpler than JSTL or Apache Struts
  • MVC framework by HTML
  • Input validation from CGI FORM
  • Easy user authentication
  • Easy localization (L10n)
To download the APIs and source code examples, please visit the web site of Bento framework.

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